What's Under The Mat - COVID19?


What I am about to reveal in this News Article is very disturbing. The source that I have placed below has been verified and corroborated.

All of what we have been told by the "Media", even those that seem to be on the side of the people is suspect. There is something really puzzling about the way we have been "lead down the path", that needs to looked into more closely.

Dr David Martin, [see his bio here], goes out on a limb literally to bring these 'facts' to the public in his interview with Stew Peters.

I will place the link to this interview below. Share it as much as you can given the 'restraints' that have been imposed upon us.

Interview of Dr David Martin by Stew Peters

This information is not what the "elite" want you to hear.


Are you ready for something stronger? Dr David Martin lays out his God given assignment in this video below.
The Illusion Of Knowledge - July 12, 2021


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