What you need to know about the "Vaccine"

You'll Be Suprised What You Don't Know!

Any important fact that needs to said about the so "called" vaccine is that it only regulated for emergency trial use. That means you are not mandated to receive a shot unless you have been given all the facts about it's use. Here I will give you some of what I have find myself.

A group of doctors in the United States are so concerned that people don't have this information they have set up a web site where many contributions can be viewed. Here is the website for America's Frontline Doctors.
There is a lot of information on this site so check all that it offers in advice and information.
Check this out too... Frontline Doctors on Lawsuit Against FDA Approving Covid Vaccine for 16 and Under
America's Frontline Doctors have some more to share HERE.
Here is another Doctor from the Amercia's Frontline Doctors group, Dr Teryn Clarke - Doctor of Neurology on the Dangers of the Covid Vaccine

Dr Judy Michowitz is another doctor who is and has been a researcher into the immune response process. Her findings are rather alarming to say the least. She talks with Brannon Howse Live on Frank Speech.

Important: - Why it important that children are not forced to ware a mask! Follow these parents that are concerned.

What Is In The Vaccine? Dr Tenpenny talks all about in this video.
Dr Tenpenny has more here: - Government Suppressing real death toll from Covid Vaccine and what we did not learn from the 1976 Swine Flu
Dr Tenpenny shares this : - Why Millions Will Die from the Covid-19 Vaccine.

All the above videos are placed here so you can be informed. It is my hope that these items are helpful you in making your informed decision about the vaccine

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These are important issues that we all need to look into for ourselves.


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