More Unbelivable Things About Covid-19

Are Deaths Related To Covid?

An interview with a undertaker and the facts that will astound you. Are the deaths related to Covid true? Watch HERE

If you ever wanted to hear the truth about what is going on then you need to watch this video.
Dr Vernon Coleman's Gravest Concerns

Dr Vernon Coleman’s track record of spotting health dangers is second to none.
Dr V Colman's Website

Health Impact News presents many stories that you will not find on general media. Checkout all thier stories HERE

This is a very sad story. US Military Is Killing Service men & Woman With Vaccines. Watch HERE

The Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc. (AVN) exists to further a pro-choice position with regard to vaccination and other health decisions.
For more information about them click below.

The Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc

Another site that have current and archived information is: -
Trial Site News


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