What is "Truth"? - 2021

A Case For You To Decide

So much is being exposed lately that it hard to keep up with all that is going on. Below are links to many of the sites that will get you access to what is happening Now.

There is much happening in America these days so it is important to see what is going on. If you don't live in America then what is happening there does concern you too. It has been said "that where ever America goes the rest of the world goes".

In particular this Thansgiving Weekend - 2021, has some partucular important discussions going on Frank Speech. Click the link below and scroll down to see highlights of what has been discussed.

Frank Speech - Home

Also Brannon Howes Live has more up-to-the-minute information used this link below: -
Brannon Howse Live on Frank Speech

Dr Peter MacCullough and many others speak out about troubling things we need to know about.
America Out Loud

There are many people that because what they are saying doesn't fit the narritive of the Main Media have been silenced. So they have gone to other media sites like Rumble. Below are several of these voices that should be heard so you have a more balanced understanding of what is going on in this world.
The AJ Roberts Show

MCJ Report - Morgan C Jonas is an Australian that has a passion to see freedom here in Australia brordcasts also on Rumble shares his view point clearly.
MCJ Report

Graham Hood a former Quantas (Pilot) Captain shares his reason for retiring from Quantas.
Graham Hood - On Rumble
Watch Graham recently on Facebook watch - 22 November 2021 - (Hope it is still up for viewing) - HERE

More Facebook (as long as it available) - Neil Oliver of GB News, shares thoughts that are provoking as any but are worth hearing;
Watch HERE
Neil's commentary about how the West is it in jeopardy?
Watch Neil HERE

The GB News Website has more information that adds to the conversation.
GB News - Watch

Dr Mobeen Syed talks with Dr. Bruce Patterson about "Spike Proteins In Immune Cells" - and - "Discusses COVID Long Haul"
Watch HERE

Above shares his thoughts about the current state of affairs, also talks about: - Parents that are concerned about the sate of affairs too
Parents With Questions

More with Dr. Peter McCullough as he talks with Dr. Al Johnson about questions related with Covid.
View HERE [EDITOR: This Video has been removed by YouTube -Truth being suppressed]

Peter Doshi, a senior editor at The BMJ and associate professor of pharmaceutical health services research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy was part of a Senate Inquiry. A transcription is at this web page;
View here
A video on this page is not available but can be viewed at This Link, [EDITOR: Some of Peter Doshi Videos are here. See more of his videos at the link above.]

The Children's Health Defence website is also on worth visiting: -
Visit HERE

The Know Your Rights Group, is also a place of vital information. It shares info specifically for Australia but has general interest for all;
Know Your Rights

This an interesting video from the Kirby Institute that interviewed Professor Nikolai Petrovsky about Vaccines and biodefense: COVID-19, flu and beyond. Professor Nikolai Petrovsky talks about the general landscape of biodefense vaccine development worldwide and Covax-19, the only active Australian clinical-stage COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

Vaccines and biodefense

Novavax | How does Novavax work?


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