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More Covid19 Information That Is Alarming

There is so much information coming out about CIVID-19 that I need to share here what you need to know. There will such an outcry over the truth that has been witheld from the public that it will be traumatic for many. Some of why I have placed so much information on this site is because I want to shield as many as I can from this trauma.

There other pages in this section of my site that offer help to those that are suffering from the after effects of the "shot" ans here ia link the first page in the series
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One of the doctors that has been at the front of the fight to give correct advice has been Dr Eric Nepute View His Website HERE. Some of the points that he shares in the following video are: -

  • A Report that has this title "Association between vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19 infection and mortality."
  • This number, 116000 Americans could be alive if they knew this information about Vitamin D.
  • Accross the entire USA population - 4 Million fewer cases of C-19 if they knew this information about Vitamin D - 116000 deaths avoided in year 2020
  • Of 600,000 veterans showed a reductions in COVID-19 infection of 28% (Vitamin D3) and 20% (Vitamin D2) respectively.

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To view the complete Report that Dr Eric Nepute is reading from click the link below.

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Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion (2022) Oracle Films | News Uncut

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This line of questioning has probably been the most damming to date. Brendan Murphy was the Chief Health officer when the vaccines were approved. [Click The Link Below]

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More information about the "Shot"


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