Magnetism? Metal Sticks To Your Skin!


Have you seen videos of people putting metal objects on their skin and they stick? People that have had a COVID19 shot, {it is not a vaccine}, are finding that metal objects are able to stick in their skin all over their body.

Watch this video of qualified Doctor explaining,
"Why Metal Sticks After A COVID19 Shot"

Stew Peters interviews Doctor Judy Ruby on this matter. Peter in his platform The STEW PETERS Show, at the beginning talks about his show and the way it is funded, but wait till he introduces his guest.

Peter has more infomation later in this video which may interest you as he has a number of interviews in his show.


Stew Peters interviews 'Mumma Bears' about mask on children.


Stew Peters interviews, DeANNA LORRAINE on how children are been taught to be Racism.


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