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What Does The Church Have To Do NOW!!

We are standing in an incredible time as a people of God. There are so many that are confussed and lost as to what they can do to get their lives back together again.

The "Church", the Body of Christ, needs to rise up and be what it has been called to do at this time and not back down.

We are about to enter into the most remarkable time in the history of Mankind. We will not make it if we just stand on the side-lines and hope for a better result.

Many Doctors are saying that those that chose to get "vacciniated" are likely going to suffer ill health as a result of what this so called 'vaccine' will cause. We the Church, Ekkleisia, the called out ones, have the answer to the health problems that will become evident their lives some time soon.

This will prove to be the greatest place for revival that has been presented to us. So, many looking for help and The Church can be there with answer.

How does this happen?

Firstly, we have the healing annointing hands of Christ. Praying for them and assisting them to see that we are compassionate and are hands on.

Secondly, by introducing them to the Healing Scriptures which they should continually be confessing to break the power of their decision to get 'vaccinated'. This decision which was made in good faith because of all the mis-information can be be reversed by the Power of God.

There are physical treatments that also can be used and I will have many of these posted in this section of my blog. Many doctors are treating patients that have had bad results from the "Shot" which I will link to in this and further pots.

The first point of help I will give is from Robin Bullock as he shares with Steve Schult. View it here. [EDITOR: This Video has been deleted due to Cenorship. I looked for this video but it seems to not available.]

Dr Sherri Tenpenny, shares helpful advice, the link I give you here so you have some information so you are in a position to help.

American Frontline Doctors has a lot advice that you should get HERE. Although much has to do with what you can get in America the general information they give can be applied everywhere.

More information will added to other posts in this section later.


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