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Are You Honest to Yourself?

Honesty is one of the most important ingredient in business today. We all try to present ourselves as honest because it just makes sense to doing well in any entrepreneurial venture. The question is how honest are we really deep down inside though.

I have, it may be a falsely, but I do consider that I am an honest person and have tried to be honest in all my activities. In recent years I have come to see that this is not how it really is. There is a part of me that will 'bend it' or 'slice it' to protect my self image. If one is truly honest with oneself we all must agree that we all do this too.

As part of the Journey that I am on it is needful to face these issues because with out tackling such things I will be vulnerable to forces that will undermine my future. Yes I have taken some big steps in facing up to my 'less than honest ways' in the past and of late thought I was traveling OK. This last week I had to take stock of myself again and own up to not really being honest in my dealings at home. No I'm not going to spill the beans here but sufficient to say that I am very grateful for Love and Grace that has allowed me to move on

The point I am making is when we try to cover up some part of ourselves to project a better image of ourselves we undermine our clarity of thought. Mark Joyner calls this 'putting on a facade'. When we 'put on a facade' we need to do it again to cover up that we are 'putting on a facade' until we are all facade and really becomes blurred. I found that I was justifying things that I knew to be contrary to what I had stated I would do in my home life because I needed to continue to project that image I needed to display.

This makes for foolish decisions when we are trying to hold on to the reins of control. We are more likely being detrimental to our business life and personal life. I am now trying to pull together the pieces that were starting to crash around me. I need to demonstrate by my actions to get back the confidence I once had, to be re-instated back to where I was before the last fall from 'grace' that I had.

May be you have had to face the same things I have had to face. May be you might like to share how you got back in to 'favor'. I know that I need to be hard on myself and just get it done. The Journey is not all 'roses and sunshine' but I know that I will be picking up the batten and running with all my worth. To do my three blogs post each week but still do the other important things in my life.

So into the new week, I hope you are traveling well,

To Your Best Success,



First Published: 20 July 2010, 15:26

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