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My Journey

Where It Began

"Long, long ago" or "When I was a lad" is how many if not most stories begin when one is recounting one's own life but that's just too much information. I do recall quite early though having the sense of destiny calling as I made my way through the many challenges of growing up. Looking back from this point I can plainly see a definite path that has brought me to my time now. So the Journey really begins as I piece together the significant events that have shaped my Passion and Vision of where I am going now.

My mum I would have to say has had the greatest influence on where I am headed. Her strong values and the purposeful way she faced many difficult times have helped to shape my sense of justice which sometimes would burst out uncontrollably despite her attempts to cool the situation. My desire to help, and sometimes without invitation, has become a defining part of my character.

The challenges of illness and poor health have also played a significant role in where I stand today. It plays no useful part to go in any detail except to say that I often with 'bulldog' like determination just grit my teeth and push through many a difficult time. This obviously got me through but with probable dire circumstances to my future health due to the stress that I put myself under at that time. The positive side of all this is I have sought out healthful aids that I now find most beneficial.

I would have to say that the major factor that has held my course firm is the faith that my mum taught me and to rely the Greater One in any circumstances. Knowing there is a sense of purpose to wherever I found myself has been the great saving influence in all my life to which I am eternally grateful.

Sharing My Vision and being of whatever assistance I can to anyone that I might meet on this pathway is the main reason that I have launched this blog. I also know that the lessons of life that I now have under my belt are not just for my own use but need to be placed in a public place where those that are looking may find them.

The Journey begins today moving forward into what ever come along and I will share the highs and lows as I go forward.

Yours Respectfully,



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