Why I am Suspicious?

What Has Been Hidden?

[This a long post, but I believe it is worth the lenght.]

I believe that it is a person’s individual right to make a valid considered decision based on careful consideration of all the facts that are presented on that particular matter.

It is a God given right for a person to use that God given right to accept or reject whatever is presented to them. God Himself will not cross that right.

Therefore and because of this right it is necessary that all of the information regarding any decision has to be presented to a person so that they can make that vital decision. It does not matter the level of their understanding as long as they are able to reason the facts presented, they should be free to make that decision themselves.

This is why children are placed into a family of a Dad and a Mum because of their ombined ability of seeing the situation with clarity are able to guide their children into this ability for themselves too.

It is because of this belief that I am concerned when the ‘Government’ feels that it has the ‘right’ to censor what is available to the public for them to make decisions for themselves. I am even more concerned when the ‘Government’ takes the role of forcing decisions on its people.

We give up some to our personal rights to an elected Government in areas where the ‘common good’ is best served because they are in a better place to meet the needs to the people. Still, they are servants not our masters.

If there is a situation where the Government is also shielded from all of the facts of a matter and they decide based on that matter without all the ‘facts’, then we are also in a bad place.

The problem is when an individual can find information that is contrary to the common narrative which has been suppressed in the general media a person needs o become suspicious. This is the case with much of what has been presented from our Government.

To back my case, I present sent below what I have been able to uncover that makes me suspicious. Also, the other article that are on this site under the Heading News.

My greatest concern is that the “Vaccine Rollout” is being done without proper advice as to all the safety data that a person needs to make a valid informed decision. The “vaccine”, it can not be considered a true vaccine. This because of the way it produces an “Immunity”, it changes a person’s DNA to a copy of the virus and thereby creates an enormous immune reaction.

The “shot” has only been approved for “Emergency Use”. The problem with this ‘approval’ is it can only be given in an “Emergency” when there is no other means of treatment of the concerning infection or disease. This is the first un-truth that has been put out for the public to convince them to “Get the Shot”. Below is some information to back this point.

The number of legal cases that are presently before the ‘Courts’ is astounding. The link below is to a website that presents so much information it hard to summarize it here. There is a link to a 3-hour video in which many renounced experts in their field share their concern, article; Stop the Shot! Go here!

The mandating of the 'shot' violates The Nuremberg Code, more information HERE

To get a better understanding of what is being suppressed I suggest you visit this site below as it shows to what extent The Authorities, will go to protect their “Lie”. Dr. Shiva was silenced when he started viewing his suspicions about what happened to him in the election he was contesting. This is really concerning.

The American Frontline Doctors are another group that has a lot of information which one needs to digest to be fully informed.

A prominent Doctor and researcher who has treated many people with Covid19, as well as many vaccinated patients with bad results from the ‘vaccine’. His site is here.

I will list here some of the articles that are on this site too as they add to abundance of information that is presented as why you should be cautious. If you have received the ‘shot’ and are concerned from what you read here, there is help and advice also that is in the list below.

Dr Tenpenny has a lot od advice and help for all that are concerned about what to do in regards the ‘vaccine’. Go here to see more.
Also check this article out

More from Drs. And Researchers that have information you need, click here.

Here is the full list of articles that I have placed on my site.

It is not my intention to create fear, but to place before people the information I have found in my search for the truth. Please if you have any concerns seek professional advice but take this information here so you can share what it is that you are concerned about.

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