Are You Seriously Looking For The Truth?


The question of "What is Truth" has become a very contenious topic these days.

Let's try and look at this subjectively. We hear of 'Relative Truth', 'Ultimate Truth', 'Scientific Truth', and there are probably more. But which does one of these are we to take to be the correct one?

The only way is to pit truth against truth and see which one stands out.

For 'Truth' to be "Truth" it has to stand up to any idea that can be pitted against it and still stand. Robust debate and discussion has to be used in determining which idea has the stronger arugement to take the stand as "The Truth of The Matter".

Ultimate Truth does seem to be the One that stands against all commers. Yet today many say that there can't be Ultimate Truth.


Well if there is no "Ultimate Truth" then anyone's understanding of 'truth' will be OK.

If this is accepted then everyone's 'truth' becomes insular and self perpetuating. We become defensive of our Our Truth and thereby will not accept anyone else's opinion. This it self destroys the true meaning of Truth. That Truth can withstand all other ideas and not be challenged.

So, we come back to "Ultimate Truth", which by definition means there is not other "Truth" above it. Again how does one find "Ultimate Truth"?

Sadly for those who reject the Bible as "The Ultimate Truth" are left with no real answer to "What is True?". The above argument states this.

So, the idea of enbracing ideas that are different to ours is important in checking where our 'Truth' stands. In the interest of serving this openess I have placed many links to sites that I have found that may not be easily found by looking the General Media.

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