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Can What They Are Saying Be True?

Now we are told that all is well because "Science" will protect us all and we don't need to be alarmed.

But are we really being told all that is to be known? It is important to see where you are getting your information in this current climate because there is "an agenda" that is being presented as 'Truth'.

Columist and researcher Michelle Malkin, has a lot to say about how the 'Media' is not presenting the "Scientific Facts" as she unravels the 'real science' from the 'fake'

Click below to hear what she has to say, but come back because there is more below...

Healthy Americans Dying After Covid Vaccine

There Is More About All This Below: -

Now I don't want to alarm you with the next video but what Dr. Vladimir Zelenko shares is alarming.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko whose credentials is significate does not mince his words. His clear conviction is that the covid19 virus was developed with the soul purpose of producing 'fear' so that a majority of the world's population would take the "Vaccine".

The purpose of the "Vaccine" was to depopulate the earth.

This is a very serious claim but ask you to view it for yourself and make your own conclusion.

If you have already received the "Vaccination" there is help that you can obtain. Just use this link and then the link America's Frontline Doctors. Their website has a lot of helpful advice that you can avail yourself with.

The Government Knowingly Allowed Countless Americans To Die From Covid-19

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has helpful advice on his website too. You can visit it here


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