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The Patch - It Came to the Rescue

It Came to the Rescue

Last night [Editor: About Mid-year 2010] I had a bad night. I had gone to bed before mid-night which has not been usual of late but by 1.00 am I was still awake. May be had 5 or 10 minutes of dozing. I went to the bathroom and then tried to go to sleep again. My nose has been giving me some trouble lately with the night air being cold and dry. I find that cold dry air irritates my sinuses and causes my mouth to become dry. Recently I have tried to cover my head with the sheet and blanket to help but through the night they fall off exposing my nose again.

So the last two days have been using a paper face mask which I purchased. Even though it helped my nose and sinuses were throbbing. By 2.00 am I'm still awake I got up and took a couple of Panadol then went back to bed. Still not able to go off to sleep after 15 minutes or so I remembered the Patch in the top drawer. Yes, I should use it. My wife and I have been using these Patches for a while now but the sleeping patches I only use on the odd occasion. My wife had suffered a lot from poor sleep before she used these Patches because of our changing sleep patterns. I placed the Patch in the side of my head as directed and the rest of the night was full of dreams.

Thank goodness for the Patch.

Some time last year a friend of mine introduced us to these patches and we have found them to a great help. You might ask are they safe? How do they work? Well, I can confidently tell they are safe because nothing from the patch enters the skin. The best way to describe how they work is to liken them to a small radio transmitter that uses the heat (energy) from the body to send coded messages to the body to tune it up so it works more efficiently.

The company where we purchase them through is Lifewave who have carried out many tests and studies to show the effectiveness of this new technology. Currently they have six products which assist in sleep, weight loss, patches for better energy, easing of pain, and two patches that reduce aging.

You may have heard in the news about various well know sports stars that have been using these patches. It is really a new break-through technology that is helping our bodies cope the pressures and stress of modern life.



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