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There are a lot of posts and articles on another part of this site. You can view it HERE, but below I placed links to the most relivant as the number on that page has grown. The information these pages contain will be helpful to educate you in the many you will be called on to minister to other people.

Dr. Peter McCullough - Covid Vaccine Dangers

Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 Vaccines

Former Pfizer Executive Exposes About Vaccine

Dr. Bryan Ardis And Dr. Lee Merritt Speak Out

More Unbelivable Things About Covid-19

Below are more pages that might interest you that are also on my News Page. There is so much information that might help you but just keep focus on what directly affects you in your field.

Steve Brannon presents: - The War Room Pandemic

Covid19 Information - Delta Variant

Robert W Malone, MD, Inventor of mRNA Vaccines, Says!

WARRING!! Stop The "Vaccine" Roll-out!!!!

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Just another site that might give more info, LifeSite

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