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Important Information To Assist You

One thing that we as Christians can do is be positive. Once you have the right information you can be forthright in what you say.

On this page you will find links to many different sites but all have a purpose in being placed here. Look through them all as you will find there are things you did not realize you needed until you see them for yourself.

Firstly it will be good to know what "Rights" you have in standing up to the 'spirit of control' that you will encounter. On this page [Opens in a New Window], you will find the rights you have in Australia, if you live elsewhere there should be a place you can go to find your "Rights".

Know Your Rights - Australia

This video was in an earlier post but I place it here as a resource, Robin Bullock as he shares with Steve Schult. View it here. [EDITOR: YouTube has blocked this video. I have looked for this video on other sites but have not found it.]

Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc., is another site that will give additional information that you may want to use: - View it here

Another site - Trial Site News - has a lot of info that can assist in helping people in your mission of help.

To put you into the picture of what is the driving force behind what is going on you should watch Brad Cusworth, He is live on Facebook HERE

There are a number of postings that I have on another section of this site that may add to your information. I will place the links on a separate Page HERE, so you will be able to find them amounst the many posts on that page.


NB: Some of the links on this page will use Facebook as a medium to show them. It is possible that Facebook will block or delete these videos from being accessed. If this is the case I will try to re-locate them elsewhere but if they stay blocked and I have not changed them please feel free to advise me so I can fix the problem.


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