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When It All Falls Apart

Have you ever had one of those weeks! I had one last week.

All of my good intentions to do all my Blogging, advertising and the like somehow just didn't happen. Yes there were things that came up unexpectedly and took time or took more time than I planned but I still might have fitted in the needful things too. You know 'Life happens' and you just feel so flat that you just can't get yourself going into a better gear.

In the past I know that when this has happened it takes quite some time to 'snap' back into a disciplined way again but since I have been having some coaching through Simpleology I am getting back on track more quickly. There was something that Mark said that has been a real help. It's a phrase he uses, "Relentless, Focused, Action". It has helped me to take another breath and move on. Oh I did achieve some things last week like finishing a product that I had been working since January and just keeping up with the off-line stuff that one needs to do. But feel confident that I was moving forward, No.

Knowing what I needed to do to get back to my ultimate goal. Being able to clear away the things that appeared to be crowding in on my mind. With the help of Simpleology I can now face the new week confidently. I don't know what I would have done without it. This has been the main thing that has turned my life around and put me in the right direction.

So even if I don't get all the Blogging I want to get done I am moving step-by-step towards my goal. If you have ever been in my place you know just good that feels.

If you to would like the same help you can log on to Simpleology here.

Till next time Cheer's.

To Your Best Success,



First Published: 23 June 2010, 15:26

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