Carbon dioxide has been given a very unhealthy name in regards to what is reported and it’s the role in affecting the climate. The truth is CO2 is just one of many “Greenhouse” gases that have an effect on climate.

Water vapour which, is also a “Greenhouse” gas and has much more to do with climate than CO2.

With so much ‘hype’ about the need to reduce Carbon it needs to be said than we are being “pushed” in the wrong direction in our efforts in getting prepared for Climate Change.

Yes, I agree that there is need for concern regarding climate but it has nothing to do with reducing Carbon. Our oceans put more CO2 into the atmosphere than all of man’s activities together.

My study into what is driving Climate Change has led me to upload many video links that clearly put the scientific point of view. I ask you to take a look to educate yourself and start some positive discussion on how we prepare for the coming changes that our human efforts can not change.

Here is the Link to the Videos

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Published: January 2, 2020, 00:46 | 1 Comment on Carbon Dioxide A Friend Not A Foe
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