Does Your Private Life Matter in Business?

Does Your Private Life Matter in Business?

We are generally told to keep our Private Life and our Business Life separate. The notion is that what we do in private is private and does not affect other people. What we do in private is no business of anyone one else. To a great extent this true because other people don't want to overwhelmed by what we are doing privately.

On the other hand if one is in the public eye, a prominent Business Person, a Politician, a Minister of Religion, or someone in the Entertainment Industry then we may want to have some scrutiny. So where does one draw the line?

It all really comes back to the basics. What you believe is "proper"; your own moral values, the values of the society, or what is generally deemed the 'right thing to do'. Most of us would feel that what we deem as "proper" is where we draw the line. But I would like to take a different approach.

Just think for a moment how you make decisions yourself. On what basis do you decide is the ' importance' of that decision in how it will affect others? Really it comes down to your own personal values. Every decision you make whether in Business or Privately is based on your set of values that you have set for yourself or you have allowed others to set for you.

Of course, I can hear you say 'I don't want to let all my private feelings be aired in public, that would be chaotic'. True, so we put on a facade to "protect" the world from what's going on inside us. We have a 'public' image which is certainly necessary but just how well do we 'cover' the person inside? It really doesn't matter how many layers we place over ourselves the 'Real' person inside affects the way we conduct ourselves.

It can be clearly seen of late the number of Prominent people that have had their Public life crushed or destroyed when their private life just 'popped out'. Their 'fall' is only magnified by the fact of them being lifted into public life. This same principle still applies to 'common' people too. In business this applies most definitely because you have put yourself in that position to have a direct link to the public, so your behaviour and how you conduct yourself can affect a great many people.

So what is the purpose of all this? Is it just to philosophy about the way we present ourselves? No, not that this point isn't important, it is to show that making 'good' business decision has a lot to do with how we have our personal life in order. I stepped out into the 'business world' some 30 years ago with some success here and there. Always looking for the Big Break. The reality is that I have had a lot of 'business' experience having been involved in many Off-line and On-line businesses but never finding 'The Mother Lode' so to speak. From my own experience, I can tell you that thinking you can 'cut it' without attending to one’s own personal life is just cloud thinking.

As I have stated earlier I have been doing a coaching course which has completely changed my way looking at doing 'business'. I am now working overtime bringing together the things that I had left on the side, hoping that getting my business happening would bring me success. I can tell it just won't happen. The gnawing thoughts of what needs to be done just undermine your ability to function right. If you too have put aside cleaning up your private or are just ignoring it take note, your business will be affected in a negative way you can be assured.

Regardless of where you stand you may be interested in making improvements, if that is the case I would suggest you start here with Simpleology.

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