We All Need It

  • To be able to speak the truth these days often means losing friends and even family.
  • None of us should be having to choose our words just to keep the peace.
  • This why I have created another site where all people can come together.
  • Common sense has to triumph again and I hope this may be a start.
  • The main purpose of this Site is to rally like-minded people to find a place where they can stand together.
  • Groups, organizations, and individuals are invited to ceate their own My Space so they can share all our different thougths and views without being shouted down.
  • There is a link at the bottom of this page where you can go and see if this right for you.
  • It is hoped that we can gather together and re-unite our fractured world.
  • It is mainly set up for any Australian indivdual or organization but is also open to like-minded people.
  • Just join with your details when the page opens...
  • Go here to the Site [EDITOR: Log In and create your own account, Setup your My Space and invite friends to do the same.]
  • PaulT


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