How Is CO2 Affecting Our Environment?

There is so much non-fact that is being put forward about the role of CO2 and how it's affecting our climate that I have set up this page to bring back some balance.

The scientific data that is available but it is not getting through to the public {the media has been hijacked} clearly shows that CO2 is not causing the temperature to rise. In fact, it is the rise and fall of temperature that affects the level of CO2 in our atmosphere.

So I that I have listed many videos that speak plainly about CO2 and why we don't need to worry that it rising. The contrary, if it goes down, that’s when we should be more worried. At 150ppm all plant life will be on the point of extinction. The current reading that is being presented is about 420ppm.

So check the link below to view the videos and come to own conclusion.

View Videos HERE