Life as we knew it seems to have gone for good. The restrictions that are being forced on us just get worse. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

Those that have a faith in God, [Yahweh], do have an answer if they truely believe what the Bible states. Yahweh-Rapha , The Lord God who Heals, shows us that when we accept that Our God (Yahweh-Rapha), is a Healer then we can expect Him to Heal.

This is where those of us in the Church who believe this have a role to play in this Pandemic. Regardless of where a person has come from they can receive the healing offered by Our Lord Jesus who represents His Father’s will of healing which He demonstrated through out His life.

So, how do we apply this in today’s situation?

There are many that have taken the ‘vaccine shot’ who are likely going to realise that it was a mistake. I say this because there is real documentation that this ‘Shot’ can, and probably will cause health issues. These ones will become fearful of what is going to happen to them.

This where the Church can come in and offer real help by sharing the healing message of the Gospel.

Along with this there are practical aids that can be applied to assist in the healing process which we the Church can access. Resources that I will place below so you can make yourself familar with.

If the The Church takes up this challange it will be a path to reach many for the Gospel and be a part of the Third Great Awarkening that is about to be seen on the earth.

I see this as a real opportuntiy that we as Christians can usher in Great Waves of new believers into The Kingdom of God.

How do we do this?

Firstly we need to become familiar with what is available to help these ones that will be so fearful of their fate so we can offer them this help. See links below.

Then as we give these people hope in a practical way we will be in a good place to share the Gospel to them so they are able to maintain their healing.

Go to this page which will have links to practical helps that you can become a provider of: –
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I will be adding more information to this page as I am able to find what is best to offer these people that will be desperate for an answer top their problem.
If you need more help than you can contact me HERE.

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