Can We Believe The Media

The term “The Media” covers such a wide range of platforms these days it is difficult to use this term to blanketly brand all media comments in to one category. The spectrum goes from the ‘glossy’ mags to extreme radical ideological outlets.

Social Media outlets do give the average ‘Joe’ the chance to have their say and that can be shared with hundreds, thousands and even millions of people which can have a profound effect. This especially true when a topic is controversial. Wadding through all that Social Media throws at us can be a daunting task. Even the mainstream media knows that to be profitable they need to capture as must of the Social Media as they can.

It behoves the average person to learn how to be as discerning as they can be. I guess it all come down to who do you believe? As a base starting point one needs to investigate the basis of how the information being presented is founded on fact. By fact I mean, what is the demonstratable evidence that can be shown to validate the idea being presented.

So much of what we are being feed today is hype and no substance. Sure, the Main News services do a good job at this, but they can only tell what is being pushed out into the either by those wanting to be heard. We know that Big Money can push their idea in such a way as to flood us with “facts”, that is their version of the “facts”.

My search for the truth of the matter has led me to question what seems to the hype and look for the ‘proof’ of the matter. So, when it comes to Climate Change, I have done a lot of digging around. One of the places I that I have found to be presenting solid based facts is The Maverickstar Reloaded website.

I have uploaded several their videos to my Climate Change site where you can make your own decision about what they present.

The latest video “WARNING!!! NO JOKE ONE BILLION PEOPLE WILL DIE IN THE NEXT TEN YEARS. CLIMATE CHANGE POLE SHIFT GSM” is rather chilling but I feel needs to be heard.


I appreciate you have your own option and am open to your comments but please respect mine too.



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